about gigschool.com


At GigSchool.com, we prepare the musical heart, mind and soul of our students by giving him or her the tools to follow their dreams. Tools such as:

1) Groove, Feel and Soul
2) Ear Training
3) How to Listen/Transcribe Music
4) Reading Music
5) Music Theory
6) Technique
7) Composition and Repertoire
8) Using Music Computer Software such as Logic, Pro Tools, etc.
9) Writing Charts and Scoring
10) The Best Way to Practice

There’s a lot more than just being a great musician that goes into getting a gig or getting bookings as an artist. At GigSchool.com, we’ve been there. We’ve been the ones competing to get the gig or to get bookings as an artist and we’ve been the one’s doing the hiring, so we know the most common problem musicians have is the “He/ she is a great player BUT...” complaint. 

How do we know? Because a majority of the time the people hiring you, booking you, or at least recommending you are other musicians!

Our job is to help you remove any obstacles that would keep you from succeeding, which is why we go beyond preparation into career competition and sustain.